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Aspen Film's Education Outreach Programs offer enrichment and learning opportunities for all ages - from toddlers to adults.

In collaboration with local educators, parents, students, and an international network of advisors, Aspen Film designs educational programs that cultivate essential visual literacy and critical viewing skills and enhance appreciation of film as an artistic medium capable of opening windows on the world and building bridges between cultures. Ninety percent of these programs are offered free of charge with the rest offered at greatly reduced admission.

Information on upcoming screenings, workshops, seminars and other programs is announced as available, please check our Coming Attractions or Education pages for updates, or contact: 970-925-6882, ext. 306.


From serving as a teacher resource to creating curriculum-enriching programs, Aspen Film plays a proactive role in bringing meaningful film opportunities to regional elementary, middle, and high schools. Our core programs include:

Filmmakers to the Classrooms: International filmmakers visit dozens of classes to screen their films and share their culture with students and teachers in a variety of subjects.

Schools to the Festival: Aspen Film provides free and/or discounted tickets to students from regional elementary through high schools to attend age-appropriate public presentations at Filmfest and Shortsfest.

Schools to the Theater: These free, age-appropriate screenings are specifically designed for elementary, middle, and high-school students and provide enrichment in a variety of curricula.

Making Movies Matter: Aspen Film offers timely documentary short and feature-length films to schools from our Shortsfest and Filmfest lineups. Presentations are accompanied by experts to share local perspectives on global issues. Films we've previously shown in the Making Movies Matter series include: One Bridge to the Next, Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai, 1,000 Journals, Come Back to Sudan and Sergio.

Young Filmmaker Labs: Free small group sessions provide an opportunity for high school students to share video works-in-progress and receive feedback from visiting filmmakers.


Youth and Families


Recognizing the limited quality movie choices for young audiences in the valley, Aspen Film is committed to creating viewing opportunities outside of school to bring together children and their families. Our core programs include:

Lights, Camera, Kids: From hits on the international film circuit to special advance previews, these Filmfest and Shortsfest screenings bring a world of quality content to families eager to expand their horizons. Please see our annual Filmfest and Shortsfest programs for family-friendly fare!




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