1.1. Welcome to Aspen Shortsfest 2012

welcome to shortsfest

It's the 20th Anniversary of Aspen Shortsfest and Aspen Film is the very proud presenter of this unique and visionary "little festival that could". The short film form is underappreciated in the United States, but we know that you, our audience, love it and that you love Aspen Film for bringing Shortsfest to life each year. If you are new to Shortsfest, you should be prepared to be exposed to the most creative, heart touching collection of films you have ever seen. If you are a veteran, you know that you will see films that will stay in your mind and heart for a very long time.

Aspen Shortsfest is a filmmaker 'summer camp'. We host nearly 50 filmmakers from far-away countries and the United States, and we create many opportunities to interact with their films and to have fun with the filmmakers. Please plan on attending the after-program Q & A's and the Shortsfest after-parties throughout Aspen so you can enjoy the best that we have to offer. You will meet fascinating artists, learn something new, be exposed to a new culture and/or explore an intriguing issue.

We'd like to extend very special thank-yous to our supporters: our grantors such as the City of Aspen and Les Dames d'Aspen. We would also like to highlight the loyal support of our REEL People members, the event support of our other sponsors, such as Rochambeau, our Official Production Company, and Stella, our Official Beer and of course, our many lodging sponsors who make it possible for Aspen Film to bring so many filmmakers to town.

Because these pages just begin to scratch the surface of this unique event, I encourage you to visit our website (aspenfilm.org) and to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where you can learn more about the festival.

Thank you for joining us at our 20th anniversary!

Robyn Myler



Monster of Nix

Enjoy good stories?

Looking for movies you can't find anywhere else? Whether your tastes run to the classic or the offbeat, Shortsfest's 20th anniversary is your passport to adventure. True-life portraits, intimate dramas, funny sketches, even fairytales - Shortsfest offers a dazzling array of global storytellers whose imaginative, characterrich films amuse, enchant, provoke, inspire, and more. From a powerful 40-minute Academy Award winner to a 45-second amuse bouche, we bring the vibrant world of fiction, animation, and documentary short filmmaking - and the filmmakers - to you.

Outdoor adventure, heroes, artists, love and romance, family, friends, social change, social media, the environment, memory, loss, the future ... Shortsfest offers an original perspective on the human experience. With films from our own Rocky Mountain backyard, as well as from all over North and Latin America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, Africa, and the Middle East, Shortsfest showcases 79 competition finalists representing 30 countries - and that doesn't even include the land of Nix.

In addition to the movies described in these pages, look for these highlights: Seven new films by Colorado filmmakers, including two world premieres. A laughter-filled afternoon on comedy writing with special guests, part of Aspen Film's new program partnership with The Writers Guild Foundation. A family-friendly matinee for young movie buffs and their adults. Plus, more to-be-announced opportunities to interact with filmmakers around town.

When Ellen Hunt, Gail Holstein and a group of enthusiastic locals launched Shortsfest in February 1992, they called it a "tiny little division" of Aspen Film. That first edition with three screenings of 20 shorts has become a major event on the international festival calendar. With a record number of films considered this season - nearly 3,300 from more than 70 countries - this Oscar-qualifying competition now serves as a port of call for filmmakers worldwide. We have a lot to celebrate this anniversary. Join the party!

Laura Thielen


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